About Us

“Please feel free to help us with
the construction of our Tilburg Mosque by means of Sadaqa!”

“Asalaam oe Alaykoum beloved brothers and sisters from Tilburg and all over the world. We need your help concerning the construction of our new mosque. With the limited funds we’ve received, from our limited community, we won’t be able to finish construction. Therefore we need your financial help, raising the proper funds so that this beautiful project In Shaa Allah will be realized.

Give a singular or multitude of € 300 and with 5000 people we will reach our goal/target. We would like to pray beside you in our new Tilburg Mosque, next year, in Shaa Allah!

“Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward?” (Q57:11)

In the first place, we offer accommodation through the means of a prayer room and organize (religious) activities for Muslims.

In addition, we represent the interests of Muslims in Tilburg, Brabant, and surrounding areas. We, Tilburg Muslims, strive for growth and the strengthening of our religious identity in order to become closer to our Creator (Allah S.W.T.). With a strong identity, we are more capable of being part of the Tilburg and Dutch community, live with them in harmony and add value, socially and spiritually.

We have been busy acquiring a construction permit for over 15 years now. We have experienced many setbacks, but we have always remained positive, as befits true Muslims. We leave the past for what it is and are now eager to finally start construction.

The construction has started and the only but most important challenge ahead is the money that has to be collected. Hence the urgent request to everyone who is generous and kindhearted to help us out!

A volunteer is committed to a project that can be formulated in consultation with the board. The projects can spread over many areas, for example:

Interior care, Concierge tasks, Providing lessons, Sports and game counselors, organizing Islamic meetings, Giving presentations about a field (for example Care/Work), Technical activities (chores within the mosque). Etc.

The volunteer is expected to determine and organize his or her activities in consultation with the board. The board is ultimately responsible for the tasks that a volunteer performs.

Naturally, the volunteer performs his or her duties with full passion and determination. Key concepts that are part of his character are kindness, patience, enthusiasm, and respect for others.

Interested? Send an email with CV and motivation to bestuur@el-feth.nl with subject ‘Voluntary work’


Design in harmony with

the Tilburg and Dutch Community

The mosque will consist of 2 storeys and a semi-underground car park. Social functions are set up on the ground floor:

  • classrooms
  • office spaces
  • library
  • separate meeting spaces for women/men
  • sanitation
  • washing facilities for deceased people.

On the 1st floor, a separate men and women’s prayer room will be realized. More information about new construction, building plans and more can be found on our special Facebook page @nieuwbouwelfeth


Buy our bestseller books via our online bookstore

and also make a donation!

Through the #BOUWMEE Books promotion, you can also help build our mosque by buying something tangible. In our Online Bookstore, you will find a selection of books (bestsellers) that you can buy with option (s) for a small donation.


Ideas and Inspiration


Come and hand over your donation personally

Besides the digital online way, there are different ways of on location and offline donations possible:

Gold & Jewelry

Goud & Juwelen

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds and other jewelry or precious metals.

Come and hand it over and donate on location.

Location: Boardroom, Academielaan 9, 5037ET Tilburg (please make an appointment by sending an e-mail to bestuur@el-feth.nl or by calling +31 (0) 134600769)



Banknotes, Coins, Foreign currency, and other Coin collections.

Come and hand it over and donate on location.

Location: Boardroom, Academielaan 9, 5037ET Tilburg (please make an appointment by sending an e-mail to bestuur@el-feth.nl or by calling +31 (0) 134600769)


Niet Online

Digital Classic ways of payment, use of authorization forms, on-site debit/pin and bank transfers.

Account number: NL41 RABO 0152365559

Location: Boardroom, Academielaan 9, 5037ET Tilburg (please make an appointment by sending an e-mail to bestuur@el-feth.nl or by calling +31 (0) 134600769)

Testimonials & Reviews



Daily Dutch newspaper distributed in parts of Noord Brabant.

“The construction started, management counts on the generosity of its people, the aim is to fully use the new mosque in the third quarter of 2019.” 

Television & Radio

Regional public television/radio broadcaster of North Brabant.

“The El-Feth Mosque in Tilburg has been waiting for a new permit for almost ten years, and because the court put a hold on a new building permit, it seems to take even longer.”


Dutch national newspaper, the second largest paid newspaper in the Netherlands.

“After years of resistance from local residents/ neighbors, the Council of State decided in February that the construction, of the Mosque by the Moroccan Masjid El Feth Association, should go ahead.”

Television & Radio

PowNed is a Dutch public broadcasting Television & Radio network.

“A new mosque will be built in the district behind the Tilburg Spoorzone, but that does not go without protest. Today banners, with slogans to fight against the mosque, all over the neighborhood are hung.”

With 5000 Builders

Donating 300€ Each
We Can Meet Our Target!

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